The Studio

The studio will not only ensure all color and hair treatments, but also you for a special day (eg. Wedding), but also for any party occasion you can have a beautiful hairstyle with a beautiful matching make-up. From naturel make-up to smokey eyes with a hairstyle of curly hair to beautiful styled hair. It can also be raised (classic, cool, fashionable) or even half-up hair braided. Everything is possible!

In addition to the hair and make-up studio, there is also a photography studio, where it is possible (eg workshops, make-up / hairstyling) to make nice pictures with a choice of colored backgrounds.

If there are good results, then you will of course captured.

It would be nice to see you in my studio!



It is also possible to follow hairstyling and make-up workshops. Included in this workshop:

* Basic make-up application (white)

* Evening applying make-up (heavy)

* Eyelashes and eyebrows modeling paste or eyelash tufts / eyelash epilation

* Hairstyling Tips & Tricks

Both young and old can take part of the workshop. The workshop lasts for 2 until 3 hours and depending on the opportunity eg. stag party or a children’s party, corporate party or just with friend (s) / family etc.

Workshop on location? That’s no problem!

For more information please call 31+ 6 235 101 47  or send an email to: (response within 24 hours)